Our Brands

Ron Rico


Our 36 herbal liquor. 1000 ml ideal for gastronomy. Of superior flavor to imported ones. 6° less what makes it richer on the palate.
Bright brown color and an irresistible caramel texture in the mouth. DAMONJÁG is pure Fiesta!

Tequila DF

Tequila DF

Tequila liquor inevitable in any bar.
Since last year, DF is the first Argentine brand, Enabled by the CRT. Tequila Regulatory Council, to be bottled in Mexico.
Like Mezcal DF.

Arlequin Gin

An excellent distilled.
Apart from an incredible presentation, this Gin is produced with the finest juniper berries, citrus touches and jamaican allspice.
With individual luxury case, 40 ° degrees, of the Purest Cereal Alcohol.


Fahrenheit Vodka

In its first three presentations, this Vodka differs from the rest of the Nationals, for its more American and Nocturnal style.
Blue: Neutral °, Taste Raspberries, 40 °, Night: 50 ° All Tristilled with Cereal alcohol.


Coco Bongo Ron

Ron with Coconut Liqueur.With a very striking Packaging, this liqueur can be combined with everything.
Indispensable for the bartender.


Karamel Cream Marula

Cream liqueur with all the flavor of the Marula African Fruit. Made from imported raw materials, Ideal to take alone.
It is also used a lot as a gift.

Karamel Marula

Licor Crema con todo el sabor de la Fruta Africana Marula.
Hecho a base de materias primas importadas, Ideal para tomarlo solo.
También se usa mucho para regalar.

La Tour Turne Absentha

The First Argentine Absentha,
Made with the same French Absinthe Formula.
54 ° 108 ° PROOF.